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Golf Towels

Our beach towels are compulsory for anyone planning to lie on the sand. They are larger than standard towels at 35inches x 62inches, so you have plenty of lying or drying area. Every unisex beach towel is hemmed all round, so they last. They are made from 100% cotton velour for maximum absorbency comfort. Check what colors we have available today.

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    Towels get dirty and wet very quickly, especially if you use them on the golf course. When you play golf your clubs get dirty and wet. Your hands get wet, too and wet hands can slip causing a missed shot. If you play golf in summer, you know how much you sweat. Golf towels will help you with all these problems. They are especially absorbent to get every last drop of water from your clubs. Consider one of our duffel bags to keep wet gear separate from your dry golf shirts