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High Visibility Safety Baseball Caps ( Items)


There are many construction jobs where a safety cap is all you need rather than a rigid safety hat. If you wear a safety hat to help people see you more easily, a safety cap is perfect. It will keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes without being as hot as a rigid safety hat. sells safety caps in Safety Yellow and in Safety Orange. There are two styles in each color -The first all in one color, with a yellow or orange bill, the second style features a black bill to the yellow or orange cap. Check them out now and order your new safety cap today.

    Every item of safety wear we sell is heavily discounted. Check out all our ranges of high-viz t-shirts, safety vests, and jackets. When your total order comes to $99 you don’t pay postage to most states, so it’s worth ordering every safety wear items at the same time.