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Men's Hospitality Clothing & Corporate Uniforms ( Items)

We sell the perfect uniform shirts for your business. We have black short-sleeved polyester service shirts with 2 chest pockets and a hidden zip – perfect for janitors and cleaners. We have pale blue navigator shirts (also called pilot shirts). These polyester and cotton shirts are exceptionally smart with 2 pockets and epaulettes. For your security personnel, we stock white long-sleeved shirts with sewn-in creases, 2 pockets and epaulettes. All our shirts come in sizes up to 6XL. Choose your shirt today.

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    47%OFF Edwards 1262 Men Long Sleeve Navigator Shirt at bigntallapparel
    Was: $35.90
    Sizes: S 31 - 6XL 37
    Now: $28.72
    47%OFF Edwards 1276 Men  Security Long Sleeve Shirt Polyester/Cotton Blend at bigntallapparel
    Was: $32.50
    Sizes: XS 31 - 6XL 37
    Now: $26.00
    30%OFF Out Of StockEdwards 4276 Men Service Shirt at bigntallapparel
    Was: $8.00
    Sizes: S R - 4XL R
    Now: $5.56

    When you are looking for shirts for your employees, you need the same shirt for everyone. That means it must be available in everyone’s size. You need your biggest security guy or cleaner to be wearing the same shirt as the smallest receptionist. That’s why you should get your shirts from – Everyone’s shirt will be the same smart, well-fitting style, just different sizes. Our shirts are proof that cheap shirts can be high quality shirts.